Let's get to know each other

My name is Taty (pronounced "Tachi")

Born and raised in Brazil, but now Georgia is my home. My romance with photography began over a decade ago. Ever since I’ve picked up a camera, I’ve been obsessed with capturing people and relationships through subtle details and play of light.

I truly believe that we all are made to love. I have a storytelling style, so my photos are beyond "posing." I love to document the moment, the real love, human interaction. It's all art for me.

If you like what I am telling you, let's work together!

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Random Facts About Me

  • I moved out to the US in 2017.
  • Yes, I do have an accent.
  • I've been to 8 different countries

(that means I can travel to you.)

  • I do not speak Spanish.
  • I have a degree in Advertising and a MBA in Marketing.
  • I can sing (in the shower).
  • I hate fruit in cakes.
  • I'm the best at playing UNO.
  • My friends think I am an extrovert.
  • My husband and I own a roofing company.
  • I love Zara, Amazon and whatever TikTok influences me to buy.
  • I am better in person than online or over text.
  • Ennegram 2w3.

Another thing,

One of my love languages is word of affirmation. So when I receive a feedback after delivering a gallery, my heart is filled with joy. Your appreciation gives me motivation to keep going and growing.


Giselle & Moises Torres

Taty is just amazing at her craft! We absolutely love her and everything she pours into her photography. She was just as excited to execute the vision we had for this photoshoot and exceeded our expectations beyond measure! Book her NOW! 🤍🤍